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10.28.17 Health and Wellness Fair at Paradise Valley Hospital

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Differently from the previous years, the 5th Annual Health and Wellness Fair this year was conducted in the Hospital Lobby Courtyard on the first floor. Although the place was more restricted than in the employees parking lot, the cooled air indoor was much appreciated by attendees and volunteers at the health service booths.

At the APHF station, pharmacists Tino Tran and Kelly Le provide hypertension screening, while outreach coordinators Kim Chi Nguyen and Nguyen Vo informed attendees on services of the day. A tri-fold colored brochure of APHF Community Health Screenings was very handy to pass out. Team HBV gave information from their Hepatitis B poster. Dr. Ton Tran spoke with Team HBV and the patients who had questions.

APHF booth was across from Paradise Pharmacy, and Medical Central Pharmacy booths, thus Binh could invite the neighboring pharmacists to enroll in the CME training program on hepatitis B and C on November 12. She also spoke with Ditas Yamane, the organizers of the fair, and Julio DeGuzman, of La Jolla President Lions Club.


Binh Tran, PharmD

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