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APHC Community Clinic

In 2001, Asian Pacific Health Center (APHC) was the first non-profit community clinic founded by Vietnamese health professionals who saw the need of low-cost health services for the East San Diego community.  Besides clinic activities, health screenings were provided free at health fair locations. APHC obtained a 2 ½ year grant from The California Endowment to work on the Hepatitis B Prevention Project for Asian and Pacific Islander adolescents and young adults in San Diego. Later collaboration with the Jade Ribbon Campaign from the Asian Liver Center at Stanford University expanded the project in the Chinese community, increasing the number of persons screened to 1600 (7% positive rate). Thereafter, the work was continued with San Diego Herald Center, Tzu-Chi Foundation, and the Vietnamese Federation of San Diego at churches, temples and community centers.

APHF Community-Based Organization
In 2008, the center became the Asian Pacific Health Foundation (APHF), a 501(C)3 entity with focus on education and screening of hepatitis B and C, osteoporosis and other diseases prominent in the Asian populations at health fairs and outreaches in San Diego County. In 2010, collaboration with Dr. Robert Gish brought a major shift in APHF’s activities. The survey on Barriers to hepatitis B screening and knowledge in Asian Populations in San Diego administered at each event sheds light on factors underlying a person’s willingness to be screened. Tasks were performed by student pharmacists who continued their works as graduation projects. In 2012, APHF received a sub-award from UCSD, as part of the larger grant from the CDC to provide Early Identification and Linkage to care of persons with Chronic Hepatitis B Virus infection.  1,195 persons were screened, with a 4% positive rate (May 9, 2014 MMWR Report). Results were presented by Dr. John Ward at the HepB United Summit in Washington, DC, May 21-23, 2014.




New Horizons and Approaches

Re-energized activity with the National Task Force on Hepatitis B with Focus on Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, and membership with the Hep B United Coalition opened up more opportunities for APHF. Cost effectiveness of Point-of-care vs. Standard-of-care tests was presented at national and international meetings. APHF is further awarded annual mini-grants from Hep B Foundation to expand Hep B screening to other Asian groups in San Diego County.
New horizons are explored with the installation of Dr. Robert Gish as APHF Medical Director in March 2015.  APHF beneficial activities for the community were acknowledged in Proclamations by Congressman Scott Peters and San Diego City Mayor Kevin Faulconer at the National Hepatitis Day commemoration on May 17, 2015 at the Vietnamese Federation of San Diego. As of March 15, 2017, APHF has screened 4,780 persons for hepatitis B and C. Most recently, APHF was recognized for its public health efforts within the community by the Live Well San Diego initiative on February 5th, 2023, which was designated as "Asian Pacific Health Foundation Day" by the County of San Diego. As of 2024, APHF has been rebranded as American Pacific Health Foundation to be inclusive of all underserved communities.

New Name, Same Spirit and Community Outreaches

Starting in 2024, Asian Pacific Health Foundation will now be known as the American Pacific Health Foundation to better clarify and emphasize that our organization provides free health education and preventive health screenings to all vulnerable populations in San Diego County. While our name has changed, our mission and clinical services are unchanged. As American Pacific Health Foundation, we remain committed our outreaches in San Diego County and look forward to our continued service in the community!

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