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01.18.20 MEMO Outreach

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Starting the New Year, Asian Pacific Health Foundation returned to Copley Price YMCA to join MEMO (Medical, Educational Missions & Outreach) event on January 18, 2020. APHF collaborated with this organization last year for the first time and was impressed with the organization lead by UCSD students along with other collegiate students. We were able to utilize this location's foot traffic due to members of YMCA coming by for fitness reasons and were able to stop by the screening booths set up. The location of the YMCA made it a lively and youthful environment since a lot of people had brought their kids with them.

Dr. Robert Gish spoke on the screening activities of APHF with a review of main lab tests for Hepatitis B. We had a group of high school students come to shadow the activities of registered volunteers who functioned at assigned stations under the supervision of coordinators. Project managers oversaw the operations efficiently, and it was a successful outreach.

Thank you to the following individuals for attending:

  • Robert Gish, MD, Medical Director

  • Binh Tran, PharmD, Program Director

  • Phlebotomists: Phung Chau, Haley Bennett, Jaxon Wagner

  • Project Manager: Vivian Ngo

  • UCSD Pharmacy and Medical students 

  • Program Coordinators: Annie Pang, David Lam, Rebecca Kuan

  • Program Interns: Yvonne Huynh, Gian Dino

  • All other APHF volunteers

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