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08.31.19 Quarterly Board Meeting

Asian Pacific Health Foundation conducted its third quarterly board meeting at Dr. Gish’s home to discuss current and future activities for APHF. The meeting began with a wonderful lunch, where many new and old faces had the opportunity to catch up. After lunch, Kayla Giang, APHF Executive Director summarized status, including screening projects, financial, and grant. In addition, Dr. Binh Tran, recapped APHF off activities such as board retreat and her involvement with APHF outside of San Diego. Thu Vuong, Operations Manager presented and announced the release of a new High School Program initiative. James Pham, Director of Information and Technology went over the APHF’s visibility and awareness in the San Diego community. Nguyen Vo and Vivian Ngo finalized details about the Professional Student Program and High School Student Program. Lastly, the program coordinators presented on new protocols and regulations for APHF undergraduate volunteers. Dr. Giang also announced Dr. Binh Tran as the recipient of leadership for her tireless dedication and endless support for APHF. APHF team leaders shared their own updates and current projects. The Board Meeting was in high spirits and optimism for the future plans of APHF.

Thank you, Dr. Gish and Chantal Gish, for hosting the meeting and welcoming the Team to their home.

Many other APHF members contributed content and updates to the Board Meeting. We are grateful for their hard work:

  • Robert Gish, MD, Medical Director

  • Binh Tran, PharmD, Program Director

  • Kayla Giang, PharmD, Executive Director

  • Renu Singh, PharmD, Board Advisor

  • Thu Vuong, Operation Manager

  • Nguyen Vo, Program Manager

  • Vivian Ngo, Program Manager

  • Tam Ho, Fundraising Manager

  • David Lam, Program Coordinator

  • Rebecca Kuan, Program Coordinator

  • Kevin Lee, Program Coordinator

  • James Pham, Director of Information Technology

  • Andrew Liu, PhD, Statistical Analyst

  • Jaxon Wagner, Phlebotomist

  • Haley Bennett, Phlebotomist

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