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04.16.19 Memory Screening Initiative Meeting with Dr. Feldman

On April 16, 2019, the Asian Pacific Health Foundation met Dr. Feldman, MD and Dr. Guerry Peavy, PhD and discussed the possibility for collaborating on Alzheimer’s Disease research. Dr. Feldman and Dr. Dr. Guerry Peavy were enthusiastic to work with APHF. They were impressed with our screening operation. In the coming weeks, we will plan the specifics on how to integrate our screening and their research initiatives.

Thank you everybody who participated:

  • Dr. Taylor, PhD and Dr. Gish, MD who helped to coordinate the meeting. Without their effort, this meeting would not have been possible.

  • Anna Lu for connecting Dr. Feldman’s team to APHF

  • Dr. Binh Tran for driving from Los Angeles to San Diego to join the meeting

  • Dr. Andrew Liu, PhD, Vivian Ngo, and Tam Ho for getting APHF office ready for the meeting

  • Dr. France Nguyen, PhD and Dr. Venus Valizadeh, PharmD, for joining the meeting


Kayla Giang, PharmD, MS

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