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07.20.19 CARE Resource Health Fair

On Saturday, July 20, 2019, The Asian Pacific Health Foundation (APHF) participated in the CARE Resource Fair hosted by the CARE Community Center (12 N. Euclid Ave. National City, CA 9195), a resource center that provides community-based prevention and intervention services. The staff members of the CARE Community Center graciously provided APHF with a very spacious room at the center of their resource fair where attendees came to get their health screenings after obtaining free groceries and services from other organizations.

The APHF team successfully screened over 14 patients for Hepatitis B, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and metabolic syndrome. Screening participants felt reassured about their health after receiving thorough counseling and discussion about silent diseases with our intern pharmacists working under the guidance of clinical staff, Dr. Kayla Giang, and Thuan Tran. The community greatly appreciated APHF’s work and team spirit to help raise health awareness.

Program Coordinators, Vivian Ngo, Kevin Lee, David Lam, Trinity Van, and Becky Kuan, navigated patients through the screening stations. Everyone’s efforts resulted in a smooth and efficient health fair.

The staff and volunteers of APHF would like to extend a special thank you to all the staff from the CARE Community Center for continuing to host APHF health outreaches at the CARE Resource Fair and joining APHF in advancing the health and wellness of vulnerable groups in San Diego county. We look forward to joining more fairs in the near the future.

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