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06.22.19 Resource Day at Farmers’ Market in City Heights

Asian Pacific Health Foundation returned to Farmers’ Market in City Heights, San Diego on June 22, 2019 on the invitation of Tasha Ardalan, Manager at the San Diego County Farm Bureau. It was a well-attended week-end, when community residents came to receive resources from several groups. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) senior recipients can get free coupons for food benefits; WIC program for seniors, through the Aging/independence services, distributes the coupons to Farmers’ markets on a selective basis. Very few (about 5 or 6) are WIC approved, among the 50 farmers’ markets in San Diego. People use the food stamps to purchase fruits and vegetables sold by local growers.

APHF provided the customary health screening services: hypertension, diabetes via HbA1c tests, cholesterol and lipid disorders, hepatitis B and C screening, weight and BMI assessments, to the market attendees. The majority of participants were Vietnamese, some fairly debilitated from many years in reeducation camps. All were very appreciative of the services provided.

At the health fair, we welcomed a new phlebotomist: Ngoc Thi Thanh Nguyen sharing the blood drawing work with Haley Bennett, thus freeing Thuan Tran, RN for clinical practice oversight. Volunteers for the new rotation cycle also came for concurrent orientation by Nguyen Vo, Thu Truong and outreach / volunteer coordinators: Vivian Ngo, Megan Cheng, Kevin Lam and David Lam (intern). James Pham, Director of Information Technology, was observer of operations. Terrence Lee, medical student, helped at the consultation with Dr. Binh Tran, program director.

Towards the end, we got the visit of Dr. Kevin Modesto, Chair of Sociology and Social Work Department at Point Loma Nazarene University, as he did at previous events. Dr. Modesto has read the APHF newsletter of April-May, and praised the team for great work. He was informed –via flyers- of the next outreach events at San Diego Public Library on July 13, and at C.A.R.E Community Center on July 20, 2019.

Thank you to all as the school year is ending, and many staff and volunteers are busy transitioning to new activities.

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