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02.13.22 Nhu Lai Temple Outreach

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

APHF staff and volunteers arrived at the Nhu Lai temple at 8 AM to set up the premises. The monks and leaders provided a large roll of disposable wet towels for cleaning all work areas. The temple had a festive look thanks to the decoration for Tết!

There were several monks officiating at today’s celebration on the first Full Moon after Tết. At this special occasion, several members received their initiation into Buddhism.

Although APHF expected a larger number of persons to be screened, the patients who did complete each station today received wonderful services and extensive counseling.

We met Mr. Thinh, publisher of the former Thương Mại newspaper, and Mrs. Hà Lê, former staff at Community Health Group (CHG), who reminisced of the time that APHF, then known as Asian Pacific Health Center (APHC), worked with CHG.

Staff at each station:

Registration: Andrew Pham, Winnie Gong, Phebe Chang,

Hypertension: Nicole Trần, Sergio Barretto

Eye Care: David Lam

Hepatitis B: Brianna Dyzubza, Mariel Bautista, Cheryl Razonable, Matthew San Pedro

Hepatitis C: Rolando Arreola, Sruthika Prakash, Tushita Tandon

Pre-/Post-Knowledge Assessment: Isabel Nguyen, Allison Tran

Education: Hoang Nguyen, Leyna Nguyen

Consultation: Vivian Ngô

Phlebotomist: Thuận Trần

Contact with Rev. Thích Minh Hồi: Binh Trần, APHF Program Director

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