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This program is open to undergraduate students and postgraduate (alumni) only.

Become a Volunteer
During each volunteer cycle, APHF receives a number of exceptional applicants. The volunteer cohort for Asian Pacific Health Foundation has become increasingly diverse while maintaining the professionalism, integrity, and scale required to personally serve our local community. 

As a volunteer with Asian Pacific Health Foundation, you will have the opportunity to rotate between the variety of stations, described below, at different outreaches throughout your term. You will not only be able to learn how to operate the unique point-of-care equipment APHF offers, but also how to engage and interact with patients.

The commitment term for our organization is at least one year. While we do not expect your attendance at every event, we do expect you to show interest in attending the majority of them. There is a mandatory membership fee (see Membership Fee update below) upon acceptance that will cover any food and operation costs for our outreaches. If you have any conflicts during your application or volunteer term, you should immediately report to a Program Coordinator and it will be logged for our records. Thank you for your interest in joining our APHF team!

FAQs: If you have further questions regarding our organization or the application process, please contact the program coordinators. This is the link to our frequently asked questions: FAQs

COVID-19 Updates

Because COVID-19 cases continue to emerge across the United States, we are continuing to suspend all outreaches until it is safe for both patients and volunteers according to federal, state, and CDC guidelines. In the meantime, APHF will continue to provide educational resources in order to foster the professional development of volunteers such as:

  1. Virtual Education Conferences: Our healthcare providers present information on various health topics such as viral hepatitis, metabolic syndrome, osteoporosis, mental health, COVID-19, and more.

  2. Virtual Workshops: Our staff members host interactive workshops to provide more information and assist you with clinical skills, medical/pharmacy school applications, MCAT process, and more.

  3. Coffee Break Sessions: These are informal sessions (similar to office hours) that provide volunteers and staff members an opportunity to connect and discover more about each other’s professional experiences.

Membership Fee Update
The Core Volunteer membership fee will be pro-rated such that volunteers will not be charged for the time period in which outreach operations are suspended.

  • If operations resume during Winter 2021 Cycle (January 18th - April 18th), the fee for newly accepted volunteers of this cycle will be $25.

  • If operations resume during Spring 2021 Cycle (April 19th - June 13th), the fee for newly accepted volunteers of this cycle will be $20.
  • If operations resume during Summer 2021 Cycle (June 14th - October 19th), the fee for newly accepted volunteers of this cycle will be $10.

  • If operations resume during Fall 2021 Cycle (October 18 - January 16th), the fee for newly accepted volunteers of this cycle will be $5.

What to Expect as an APHF Team Member

  • Volunteers are expected to fulfill a 1-year term with APHF. Outreaches are not based on a routine schedule but rather dependent on the number of venues scheduled. On average, there are two outreaches per month that volunteers may register for. Registration emails are sent 2 weeks in advance of outreaches to allow volunteers enough time to arrange their schedule.

  • For each outreach, Program Coordinators will select from the pool of volunteers who have filled out an event registration form. Selected volunteers will be notified 1 week in advance. In the event that there is an insufficient number of registered volunteers, volunteers will be randomly selected. Once selected, attendance at the outreach is mandatory unless prior notice is provided.

  • Selected volunteers will be notified of their station assignment before the outreach and may also be randomly selected to join the equipment team (please see below for further details).

  • Act professionally and respectfully as a representative of APHF.

  • Attend outreaches in business casual attire and closed-toe shoes.

What to Expect from Us

  • Opportunity to serve minorities and at risk populations.

  • Develop patient care, leadership, communication, and project management skills.

  • Professionalism and Integrity.

  • Mentorship and a network of healthcare professionals.

  • Volunteers will be thoroughly trained before assisting with venue setup, data collection and processing, healthcare equipment operation, and direct patient care.

  • Transportation to outreaches will be provided on request – each Selection Email will include a list of volunteers or Program Coordinators providing carpool. It is the volunteer’s responsibility to acquire transportation.

  • Program Coordinators will generally respond to emails within 48 hours. If you do not hear back, please follow-up with an email.

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