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12.12.21 Phat Da Temple Outreach

APHF staff and volunteers hosted a clinical outreach at Phật Đà Temple, showing great preparations for the event. The new hand-designed and painted banner is a work of love, as was the translated brochure on Hepatitis B and C, just completed last night.

Present at the event: 1. Program Managers: David Lam, Winnie Gong, Diana Le, Nhi Lang, 2. Program Coordinators Andre Hirakawa Alan Doan Rolando Arreola Brianna Dzyuba 3. Program Interns Tevykah Pouv Jean Yung Aryanne Do 4. Consultants: Nguyen Vo Minh Thuan Tran, RN: phlebotomist Binh Tran, PharmD, Preceptor Guests: Amy Dao, PharmD and spouse Ted Tran We thank Abbott Thich Nguyen Sieu, other monks and nuns, Mrs. Kim Duong and volunteers at Phat Da for opening the temple for regular activities.

Please see some pictures at the event:

APHF Team Picture with new handpainted organization banner

Group picture with Abbott Thich Nguyen Sieu

Volunteers hard at work at the Hep B station (left) and hypertension station (right)

Volunteer Andre Hirakawa educates temple visitors on tuberculosis at TB Education station

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