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12.03.17 Nhu Lai Temple Outreach

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The Health outreach at Nhu Lai Temple on December 3, 2017 marked a big leap forward for Asian Pacific Health Foundation operations. Student volunteer groups have been fully trained at two remarkable sessions at the Vietnamese Federation of San Diego office on Linda Vista Rd. We are fully integrated with online capabilities, thanks to the expertise of clinical pharmacists and IT specialist.

The Registration station was managed by James Pham, Phong Nguyen, Tam Ho, Thi Ho, Shiwei Sun, Kyle Tran, Grace Suh, and Jasmine Chan. Participants got help answering general questions on the demographics section, then individual questions pertaining to the disease conditions to be screened for on the day. Information was entered directly on the four Chromebooks used on that day.

At the Hepatitis B table, Minh Thuan Tran drew blood for 14 persons, assisted by Amy Liu and Hannah Lo. Blood samples were labelled and sent to Quest Diagnostics to be tested for Hep B.

Hepatitis C Point of care tests were performed by Kayla Giang, PharmD. This test was recently added to the APHF armamentarium, after being used extensively in previous collaboration with UCSD Antiviral Research Center, when Kayla was specially assigned to that work.

The Metabolic disease group provided blood pressure check, and measured height and weight for Body Mass Index calculations. The group with David Lam, Binh-An Nguyen, and Tiffany Gee was overseen by Tino Tran, PharmD.

Bone densitometry was operated by Kim Chi Nguyen and Thu Vuong, for 16 persons.

Reverend Thich Minh Hoi came by to show appreciation for the work provided by APHF year after year. Nhu Lai Temple was mentioned as one of the top temples in polls among the Vietnamese groups in San Diego.


Binh Tran, PharmD and Kayla Giang, PharmD

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