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10.20.18 CARE Resource Fair Q4

Additional Photos can be viewed here:

Another Successful Health Outreach at the CARE Center Resource Fair

On October 20th, 2018, the Asian Pacific Health Foundation (APHF) in collaboration with the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office provided Free Health Screening for Viral Hepatitis B and C, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol disorders, and Osteoporosis at the CARE Community Center (12 N Euclid Ave, National City, CA 91950). APHF has participated at previous CARE Center Resource Fairs in April and July of 2018, and as with previous events, APHF’s screenings continue to be very popular with the community.

The mission of APHF is to advance health and wellness for the vulnerable groups in San Diego and Imperial Counties by providing health education and free community health screenings for hepatitis B and C, diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol disorders and osteoporosis at community centers. At this event, in addition to offering all of these tests to the community, we were honored to have eStudySite joining us to screen liver stiffness using the FibroScan technology. Many thanks to Dr. Robert Gish, APHF Medical Director, for connecting APHF to eStudySite team. We also had Esther Sulistio, insurance broker of the Terri Yurek Insurance, teaching the community about Medicare Part D.

APHF Outreach and Volunteers Coordinators, Megan Cheng and James Cordero, came to APHF office Friday evening before the health event to pick up the equipment in preparation for the event as well as to show Xuan Phan, APHF Mentee, from Mercy Housing and Human Development, Gulfport, Mississippi, the process of setup for a community health event. Dr. Kayla Giang, Executive Director, and Dr. Andrew Liu, Statistical Analyst, were present to discuss the registration, patient recruitment, and data analysis with Xuan.

We would like to express our appreciation to Danielle Fair, Victim Resource Navigator of the San Diego County District Attorney’s Office for the opportunity to provide screening services at the CARE Center Resource Fair. We also would like to thank Ruth Garcia, CCRC, Director of Patient Services of eStudySite for assisting APHF with planning the liver scan, providing the FibroScan, and arranging technicians, Antonio Munoz and Carlos Vera, to be at the health event to operate the machine. Our relationships with community leaders is a vital component of APHF’s mission, and this collaboration was a model for the integration of APHF services in community events.

We also recognize the contributions of all the staff and volunteers at the health outreach on October 20, 2018:

  • Danh Truong, MD, MPH, Chairman of Board of Directors

  • James Pham, IT Director

  • Joey Nguyen, PharmD, Outreach Operations Manager

  • Thuan Tran, RN, Clinical Practice Manager

  • Kim-Chi Nguyen, PharmD Candidate from UCSF, and APHF Project Manager

  • Nguyen Vo, PharmD Candidate from UCSD SSPPS, and APHF Program Manager

  • Thu Vuong, PharmD Candidate from UCSD SSPPS, and APHF Program Manager

  • William I, Project Manager

  • Tran Bui, PharmD Candidate from UCSD SSPPS, and APHF Development Coordinator

  • Megan Cheng, James Cordero, Tam Ho, and Vivian Ngo: Outreach and Volunteer Coordinators

  • Antonio Munoz and Carlos Vera from eStudy Site

  • Esther Sulistio, insurance broker from the Terri Yurek Insurance

  • Xuan Phan, APHF honored guest from Mercy Housing and Human Development - Gulfport, MS

  • APHF Volunteer members

Thank you,

Kayla Giang, Pharm.D.

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