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06.29.19 "Ask the Experts" Viral Hepatitis Program

For the 2nd year, on June 29, 2019, American Liver Foundation returned to the LGBT Community Center in Hillcrest, San Diego, with its distinctive “Ask the Experts” program. Dr. Julio Gutierrez, Medical Director of Liver Transplant, Transplant Institute, St Vincent’s Medical Center, Los Angeles spoke on “Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC): Evolution to Personalized care and Transplant Options”, where the speaker enunciated the AASLD Practice guidelines on screening and surveillance for HCC, and discussed on an interesting HCC case.

Dr. Gutierrez also spoke on “Management of Cirrhosis and When to refer Cirrhotic Patients to Transplant”, analyzing the deleterious effect of alcohol on the liver. The talks were lively, and provided ample case studies.

After break, Sonia Tucker, Chief Quality Officer at La Maestra Community Health Centers gave “the ABC on Hepatitis”, discussing the occurrences and prevention of hepatitis A, B and C.

This was followed with Emily Rizo, MSN-FNP, sub-investigator, NAFLD Research Center, UCSD, presenting on fatty liver disease NAFLD/NASH risk factors, diagnosis, and options for care.

Emily has worked with Dr. Robert Gish before, thus was invited to have a picture with APHF team at the booth outside. Tam Ho, Terrence Le and Annie Pang diligently gave synopsis of APHF screening activities to visitors at the booth. ALF's Margaret Beers graciously provided APHF with a booth to showcase APHF upcoming events.

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