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11.02.21-11.03.21 APHF Poster Presentation at Hep B United/TB Elimination Alliance Summit

The TB project had a great start in 2021. Thanks to Andre Hirakawa and Alan Doan, the project is progressing to its 3rd year - with partnering with Champions for Health and SD County of Health Services.

Overview of 2021 Hep B United – TB Elimination Alliance Summit

This was the first Joint Summit of Hep B United and TB Elimination Alliance realized via Run The World platform on November 2-3, 2021.

The Opening Session was hosted by: - Chari Cohen, DrPH, MPH, Senior Vice President of the Hepatitis B Foundation and Co-Chair of Hep B United,

- Jeffery Caballero, MPH, Executive Director of the Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organizations, and

- Juliet Choi, JD, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum

sharing welcoming remarks on behalf of Hep B United and TB Elimination Alliance. Visit and

for more information about Hep B United and the TB Elimination Alliance.

Topics discussed were: - Local Innovations and Hep B and TB Prevention Efforts, - Leveraging Data to Strengthen Hepatitis B and TB Elimination Strategies,

- Barriers to Screening and Testing in the Pacific Islander Community, and

- Parallel Strategies for Screening, Testing, Treatment and Maintenance

Open the attachment below to view the itinerary of the 2nd day: Centering Community to Advance Health Equity! and see APHF's scheduled presentation listing (page 6)

Summit Day 2 Agenda
Download DOCX • 712KB

Asian Pacific Health Foundation is the mini-grant recipient of both Hep B and TBE, so contributed two posters:

1. Implementation of a Train-the-Trainer Pilot Program: Increasing Hepatitis B Awareness in San Diego during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

by Kayla Giang, PharmD; Binh Tran, PharmD; France Nguyen, PhD; David Lam; Winnie Gong; Diana Le; Rolando Arreola; Robert Gish, MD and Palmer Taylor, PhD.

2. Implementing D.O.T.S. to Raise Awareness of LTBI and TB in the Vietnamese Community in San Diego.

By Kayla Giang, PharmD; Binh Tran, PharmD; France Nguyen, PhD; Andre Hirakawa; Nhi Lang; Isabelle Yu; Tevykah Pouv; Jean Yung; Michelle Fang, PharmD; Helen Nguyen; Haley Tran, and Zaid Dibis.

Here is APHF's poster presentation:

Below is APHF's slide deck for the presentation of research:

APHF Implementation of a Train-the-Trainer Prog for Hep B Awareness
Download PDF • 1.62MB

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