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10.19.19 C.A.R.E. Resource Fair Outreach

October is Breast Cancer Month, so at the Quarterly Resource event at C.A.R.E. Community Center in National City on October 19, 2019, Komen for the Cure of Breast Cancer prevention presented a full program of activities at the site of the outreach. Speeches from the organizers were followed with stories of survivors, destined to give insightful testimonies of the helpful Komen programs that beneficiate community members. Mammogram services were provided onsite.

Asian Pacific Health Foundation participated with the customary screening tests to the fair attendees. Dr. Robert Gish came for a video screening retake session recorded by Nguyen Vo under day light. As at most visits, Dr. Gish gave an on the spot presentation on Hepatitis B diagnosis and laboratory tests to the health student volunteers, this time to the new medical interns at the medical consult station. Drs. Tram Nguyen and Binh Tran oversaw the operations. William I, Kevin Lam and team actively recruited patients for registration and screening, on their way to visit the flu immunization and other social services stations. We appreciate the visit of Megan Cheng, APHF Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator and UCSF School of Pharmacy P1, who flew down to San Diego for the occasion, and thank Danielle Fair, C.A.R.E. coordinator and team at this very successful outreach event.

We look forward to the January 2020 Resource Fair.

Participants at the outreach event:

  • Robert Gish, MD, Medical Director

  • Binh Tran, PharmD, Program Director

  • Tram Nguyen, PharmD, Outreach Operations Manager

  • Khanh Nguyen, SSPPS School of Pharmacy P2

  • Megan Cheng, previously Program Coordinator, UCSF School of Pharmacy P1

  • Sedtavut Nilaad, UCSD Master’s Program

  • William I, Project Manager - Internal Affairs

  • Program Managers – Clinical: Nguyen Vo, SSPPS P2; Vivian Ngo, P1

  • Program Coordinators: Rebecca Kuan, David Lam, Kevin Lam, Diana Le

  • Phlebotomists: Haley Bennett, Jaxon Wagner,

  • Registration: Arun Dinghra, Heather Robles, Kim Ngo, Lynn Nguyen, Yuja Wu,

  • Diabetes/Cholesterol: Gian Dino, Katherine Chen, Thu Nhi Ngo,

  • Hep B & C: Golnesa Savi, Yvonne Huynh, Tiffany Yu

  • Hypertension: Andrew Pham, Kelly Chow, Winnie Gong,

  • Eye care: Grace Suh, Melinda Chang,

  • Pre and Post Assessment: Hongping Lu, Serena Huang, Tai(Isabelle) Yu

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