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10.18.19 Medicare Part D Workshop in Linda Vista

On October 18, 2019, APHF was invited to do a Medicare Part D workshop at Access Center, 2612 Daniel Ave in Linda Vista, the site of the Community Health Fair where we had been providing health screening every other month. The event from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM was hosted by Lisa Huynh.

What was a surprise to find that the Access Center is just next to Dr. Tri Thuong Nguyen, Cardiologist in town, who has two more clinics in San Diego County.

After light refreshments, Dr. Robert Gish said a short welcome in Vietnamese then related experiences from his recent visits in Viet Nam and other Asian countries.

Dr. Binh Tran gave an overview on Asian Pacific Health Foundation and introduced Esther Sulistio, Certified Insurance Agent, who presented the Medicare Part D information to the audience of around 25 members. Tran Bui, pharmacy student who is currently working as pharmacy intern at a chain pharmacy, translated on the spot into Vietnamese. There were many questions asked, which garnered excellent answers. For specific questions on eligibility for patients who have different insurance programs, Esther will hold free consultation at her office.

APHF staff provided free screening for hypertension and wellness maintenance. Dr. Tram Nguyen answered questions on medications, providing patient consults as requested.

Anna Lu, Project Lead of the Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study could get a list of patients interested in getting the Memory Test at a future date.

Participants at the workshop:

Lisa Huynh

Guest presenter: Esther Sulistio, Certified Insurance Agent (858-432-2322)

From APHF:

  • Robert Gish, MD, Medical Director

  • Binh Tran, PharmD, Program Director

  • Tram Nguyen, PharmD, Outreach Operations Manager

  • Nguyen Vo, Program Manager – Clinical, also PharmD candidate, SSPPS P2

  • Tran Bui, PharmD candidate, SSPPS P3

Anna Lu, Project Lead, Alzheimer’s Disease Cooperative Study


  • Boss Le

  • Nhien Nguyen

  • Nhi Nguyen

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