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10.01.21 Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) Recognizes APHF Co-Founder Dr. Binh Tran

Asian Pacific Health Foundation was invited to participate in the pilot study for Vietnamese speaking individuals. During this time, APHF Co-Director Dr. Binh Tran contributed her efforts, Vietnamese language fluency, and clinical expertise to the Community Advisory Board of the Asian Cohort for Alzheimer's Disease (ACAD). For her contributions, Dr. Tran was recognized by the Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study (ADCS) on October 1, 2021.

The multi-stage translation process accounts for distinctive Asian socio-cultural-language backgrounds, providing an important guideline for AD researchers to promote health literacy in the health and general community in an effort to reduce health disparities in underrepresented groups, like Asians. In order to ensure fidelity across languages, the authors will continue validating the original English version in Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese versions in the ACAD study.

Below is a flyer on dissemination of the project in the L and L weekly meetings at UCSD

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