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09.29.18 San Diego Herald Center Outreach

Additional Photos can be viewed here:

The Community Health Fair today at San Diego Herald Center (SDHC)’s new location on Genesee Ave was a great success, realized with the collaboration of Asian Pacific Health Foundation (APHF). SDHC provided educational presentations, vital signs checks, flu vaccination, and basic dental exam, whereas APHF provided screening for hypertension, diabetes via HbA1c, cholesterol, BMI, hepatitis B and C, and osteoporosis (via bone densitometry).

We thank Grace Chu, Director of SDHC for inviting APHF to participate, as we have done during the past eleven years.

We appreciate the dedication of SDHC leaders, staff and members, as we recognize the continuing efforts of APHF staff and volunteers at bi-monthly outreach events in San Diego City and County.

We hope to work together at future events benefiting the community.

Participants from APHF:

  • Binh Tran, PharmD, Program Director

  • Tram Nguyen, PharmD, Outreach Operations Manager

  • Nguyen Vo, P1 SSPPS, Program Manager

  • Karla Jorgensen Ponce, P3 SSPPS

  • Phung Chau, Phlebotomist

  • Thuan Tran, Clinical Practice Manager

  • James Cordero, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

  • Vivian Ngo, Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator

  • Zaki Zadah, Project Coordinator

  • Khoi NguyenTon

  • Luay Naji

  • Ashley Palete

  • Tiffany Gee

  • Phuong Mai

  • Jasmine Chau

  • Wilbur Riviera

  • Hannah Lo

  • Lynn Nguyen

Reported by:

Binh Tran, PharmD

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