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09.23.18 Van Hanh Temple Outreach

Additional Photos can be viewed here:

Asian Pacific Health Foundation came back to Van Hanh Temple in Santee on September 23 during the Mid-Autumn Festival, screening regular members at the temple as well as community dwellers. We thanked Abbott Thich Thiện Ngộ and Dr. Hổ Son Ngô, Vietnamese Community leader, for facilitating and coordinating the event.

Dr. Tram Nguyen performed HbA1c and cholesterol tests for patients, and Thuan Tran, RN drew blood samples for hepatitis B and C. James Cordero, Vivian Ngo, Megan Cheng and Zaki Zadah coordinated the registration, hypertension, osteoporosis and blood test stations. Nguyen Vo oversaw the operations. Dr. Hai Tran who lives in nearby Tierra Santa, and Dr. Tino Tran provided consults to patients after they had gone through the tests.

We appreciated the visit of Dr. Jennifer Lê and Dr. Robert Gish, Faculty at Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, who discussed on future projects involving students.

We thank all the physicians, pharmacists, staff and volunteers for their valuable services for the community in Santee.

Participants at the event were:

From Van Hanh Temple:

Abbott Thich Thien Ngo, Dr. Ho Son Ngo, Mr. Nam Nguyen

From APHF:

Robert Gish, MD, Hai Tran, DO, Jennifer Le, PharmD, Binh Tran, PharmD, Tram Nguyen, PharmD, Albertino Tran, PharmD, Thuan Tran, RN, Toai Pham

Program Manager: Nguyen Vo, P1 SSPPS

Outreach and Volunteer coordinators: Vivian Ngo, Megan Cheng, James Cordero,

Project coordinator: Zaki Zadah

Volunteers: Donald Lu, Khoi Nguyen Ton, Kevin Lam, Thinh Nguyen, David Lam,

Lynn Nguyen

Guests: Autumn Nguyen, Mr and Mrs. Son Tran (Vietnamese Federation of San Diego),

My Dang

Reported by:

Binh Tran, PharmD

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