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09.21.19 Pacific Islander Festival Health Education

The Asian Pacific Health Foundation (APHF) collaborated for the first time with the Pacific Islander Community to attend one of the largest fairs outside of Hawaii, with over 70,000 guests. The Health Education Outreach was held on September 21st, Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm at Ski Beach, Mission Bay in San Diego. The festival was vibrant with food and live entertainment gathered by a diverse group of community. The location and popularity of the fair made it an excellent destination for APHF to cater its services. Although parking was limited, APHF stellar teamwork were prompt to the event and held a successful event.

We would like to express our appreciation to all the staff and volunteers at the health outreach:

  • Maria Rosario (Happy) Araneta, PhD, MPH

  • Kayla Giang, PharmD, Executive Director

  • Tram Nguyen, PharmD, Outreach Operations Manager

  • Nguyen Vo, APHF Program Manager

  • Vivian Ngo, APHF Program Manager

  • Phung Chau, Phlebotomist

  • UCSD Medical students

  • Program Coordinators: David Lam, Kevin Lee, Trinity Le, and Diana Le

  • APHF Volunteer members

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