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07.22.21 APHF's Dr. Robert Gish Presents on Hep B Treatment Methods at HBV ECHO EAST Meeting

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) utilizes teleconferencing and case-based coaching to train clinicians in rural & underserved areas to expand their skill & provide the highest level of care in places where specialty care is not available.

The ECHO model is a nationally recognized physician education model using proven adult learning techniques and interactive video technology.

- The sessions, designed around case-based learning and mentorship, help local workers gain the expertise required to provide needed services.

- Each session include a one case discussion and 15 minute didactic to empower providers to evaluate, monitor, and treat patients with hepatitis B in the primary care settting.

3 existing ECHO programs:

- San Francisco Hep B Free – Bay Area ECHO West

- Hep B United Philadelphia’s and National Nurse-Led Care consortium’s Hepatitis B ECHO East

- Texas (Houston) region.


HBV ECHO EAST Meetings are regularly offered every month on the 4th Thursdays, since January 2021.

After introductions of members, Catherine Freeland, Public Health Program Director defined the project with the session format.

Dr. Robert Gish, Medical Director of Hep B Foundation, presented on July 22, on Hepatitis B Treatment, followed by a case presentation by Katie Huynh PA-C, with case feedback and recommendations:

-on September 23, on Vaccination and strategies for hepatitis B prevention. The case presentation was done by Joanne Gilmore, MSN.

-Of note was the session in August 26, on Hepatitis B within African Communities by Dr. Eyob Feyssa. Catherine did a great summary of the slide presentation.

-on December 16, the didactic presentation was on Hepatitis B Management Among Persons Who Use Drugs by Dr. Jessie Torgersen, in another great review.

Below is a flyer from the HPV ECHO kickoff session in the Texas region:

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