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06.28.19 Meeting with Dr. Richard Andrews

On June 28, 2019 APHF was delighted to meet Dr. Richard Andrews, the Viral Hepatitis Program Director at HOPE Clinic in Houston, TX, and Co-Chair of Hepatitis B National Task Force. Dr. Andrews was scheduled to speak at the National Academy of Family Practice at their Annual Meeting at Paradise Point Hotel in Point Loma the next day. The visit coincided with the APHF Bi-Weekly Executive Committee meeting, thus Dr. Andrews could meet Drs. Kayla Giang, Andrew Liu, and Binh Tran, APHF staff members, managers and coordinators, and witness their high level of energy and enthusiasm. After Thu Vuong, Director of Operations, presented on APHF schedule of tasks and projects, Dr. Andrews spoke on the formation of Hope Clinic in Houston, and its development into a large Clinic with widespread activities in viral hepatitis B screening for Asian groups, mainly Chinese and Vietnamese. The meeting was conducted at Capital One Café in the University Town Center Westfield Mall, San Diego, at 6 pm to accommodate most members. Click here to view more photos.

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