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01.07.18 Cao Dai Temple Outreach

Additional Photos can be viewed here:

On Sunday January 7th, Asian Pacific Health Foundation held the first health event of 2018 at Cao Dai Temple in Clairemont Mesa area of San Diego. This was the first time APHF provided the entire battery of tests to be carried out at successive events.

  • HbA1c and Cholesterol with lipid panel in one setting, along with

  • Hepatitis B and C standard testing via phlebotomy and Point of care testing for HCV.

  • Hypertension

  • Osteoporosis screening via bone densitometry to complete the series of health services provided to members of the temple.

Although announcements of the event were made months before, with repeated reminder visits, there was a funeral in Orange County that families had to attend, plus several core members got the flu, preventing attendance on the event day. Rev. Dao Nguyen expressed his deep appreciation for the dedication of APHF staff and UCSD volunteers. The contingent of Skaggs student pharmacists was incredible, led by Yvonne Pham and Joshua Yoon, as was the number of preprofessional students recruited by Thu Vuong and Kim Chi Nguyen, outreach coordinators, and Elliott Koshi from Team HBV.

Thank you, and

Happy New Year to all

Participation from:

Cao Dai Temple: Rev. and Mrs. Nguyen Trung Dao 

Members at the temple

UCSD Medical School:

Lue Lao

UCSD Skaggs School of Pharmacy:

Yvonne Pham, Harpunit Sindhar, Guannan Wang, Tina Ho, Joshua Yoon, Shengxi Sun, Steven Chen, Urvashi Somani, Annie Chang, Tran Bui

UCSD Alumni:

James Cordero

Tiffany Gee

UC Berkeley Alumnus:

Kathy Bach

UCSD Undergraduates:

Shiwei Sun, Grace Suh, Tiffany Chan, Tam Ho, Binh-An Nguyen, Kyle Tran, Nhi Nguyen, Nhien Nguyen


Elliott Koshi

SDSU undergraduate:

Thi Ho

Asian Pacific Health Foundation

Ton Tran, MD, Binh Tran, PharmD, Kayla Giang, PharmD

Kelly Le, PharmD, Tino Tran, PharmD

Minh Thuan Tran, RN

Outreach and Volunteer coordinators:

Thu Vuong, Kim Chi Nguyen

IT Specialists:

James Pham

Andrew Liu, PhD

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